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금속 분말, 산화물 및 탄소 나노 튜브, 높은 유효 전도성 재료? 금속 분말, 산화물 및 탄소 나노 튜브, 높은 유효 전도성 재료?

많은 무기가 있습니다 나노 탄소 시리즈 분말 (나노 그라 핀, 탄소 나노 튜브), 금속 분말 (은색 분말,실버 나노 와이어 구리 분말, 구리 나노 와이어, 실버 코팅 구리 분말, 니켈 분말, 등 및 산화물 분말 (나노 ATO 분말, 아조 분말, SNO2 분말, 등). 전도성 물질의 특정 선택은 고객의 매트릭스 재료. 1. 탄소 나노 튜브 탄소 나노 튜브독특한 전기 전도성, 높은 열 안정성 및 고유의 이동성을 갖습니다. CNT 높은 결정화도, 큰...


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  • 고순도 99.95-99.999 %의 나노 크기 금속 게르마늄 분말
    High purity 99.95-99.999% Nano sized metal Ge Germanium powders
    High purity 99.95-99.999% Nano sized metal Ge Germanium powders We, Hongwu Nanometer, are offering different shape & size Nanoparticles, Nanopowders, Nanowires, Micropowder, Carbon Nanotube, Surface Coating, Dispersion, Compounds and Innovative Materials. Metal germanium powder is one of the our important products, Germanium powder sizes are as follows:   5N 99.999% Germanium Powder, particle size 50nm, 200-300nm, or customized. 3N5 99.95% Germanium powder, particle size 200-300nm, or customized.   Synonyms Germanium metal powder, germanium particle, Ge powder, nano sized germanium, germanium nano powder. germanium nanoparticle, germanium nanopowder, element germanium powder, high purity germanium powder, super fine germanium, CAS# 7440-56-4  Typical Applications 1. Improving strength and rollability of alloys, transistors and semiconductors. 2. Using germanium instead of silicon as transistor material would enable faster chips containing smaller transistors because higher switching speeds than in silicon could be achieved using germanium. Packaging Vacuum package, 10G, 50G,100G,500G per bags or as needed.   If you have a question about pricing , need a quote, would like to inquire about whether Germanium Metal Powder (Ge) is in stock, or require any other assistance in placing an order, please e-mail us at or call  at 86-20-87748917  87226359. thank you.  



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